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August 25, 2010 - 7:41 p.m.

I came here to visit today. I've been away from this journal a few months. "Thinking is Rehearsing" and I've been busy living clean and healthy. Shopping at Farmer's Markets, steaming vegetables, meat, and rice in my new Deni steamer. I miss Erato, Mouse Poet, and other talented writers on Diaryland. We come and go to other virtual worlds. Only to meet up again in cyberspace, accidentally or by shared interests. I miss Diamond, Naomi, Jane, Apple. I hold them in the light, a special room in my heart where each has their own door and key. Shared memories. A month ago I met a quality woman. We've been on two dates and getting ready for a third one on Friday evening.

My pulse quickens, heart pounding, the excitement of experiencing love again. This time with someone whom I hope and prayer is deeper than a mud puddle and not shallow like the small part of a swimming pool. Someone who has a few miles on her engine but willing to push the accelerator to the floor and fly again. Down the paved and unpaved roads in a soon-to-be delivered white Mahindra diesel truck with a camper shell. Appalachian four wheel drive vehicle that can traverse any steep holler, vertically climb the sandstone hilz, and make some tracks in the corn fields and along the creek bank before we park the truck to hunt for crawdads & night crawlers.

I miss my redneck, Renaissance, Queen of Erotica, Trailer Trash Princess who lives back East and up north where it rains all the time making everything evergreen, like her eyes. The color jade or blue depending on her mood. A woman who can drink moonshine from a Mason or Kerr jar, dance an Irish jig, and paint a purdy picture. She's one of a kind, Southern Belle. Gone with the Wind, not birthin' any babies but creating life with her words of wisdom, sense of humor, and profound love.

~ Soldier Girl

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